Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New bengal Black (g10)

Our Economical offering for those who loves cheaper price with a trade off with darkness . we can offer up to 70 CBM in this material .best suitable for slabs of economical value and low end tombstones where cost is a big consideration.

3 cm dark Black G20 For Tombstones and Kitchen tops

We are offering 3 cm slabs 200X90 up and 240x100 uo (maximum 122 cm tall) for our prestigious European clients. 100% automatic polished no resin or epoxy used. edges trimmed . Polishing over 85 Degree in Gloss meter
Our material is so dark it is often claimed better than absolute black.

as this colour never fades under sun or shade for 100's of years

samples can be sent on request.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


We are proply the only supplier in India who is delivering consistant top grade galaxy slabs for making tombstones in thickness of more than 5 cm . we can offer special size galaxy slabs from 4 cm till 10 cm with machine Polsihed in sizes upto 300x200 top quality material. also we can offer tombstone produced in the same material.